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Frequently Ask Questions 

Have you ever wondered about those little things before getting your hair done? I have written a few questions I get asked all the time before an appointment. If your thinking of a question and it is not listed below then please do not hesitate to ask! 

What does a home hairdresser involve? 

Having a hairdresser in the comfort of your own home is more convenient and above all more affordable with my full attention and time for you. With having a home hairdresser you won't need to worry about trying to fit everything in, for example the children and work, as I am very flexible and easier to reach by text/call, website and my social media, Facebook and Instagram. 

Im having a first hair appointment at home, do I need to do anything?

With your first appointment it may feel a little daunting but rest ashore I will keep your mind at ease as I'm really easy to talk to and you won't need anything, I even bring my shampoo & conditioner! Your first appointment with me is usually a cutting service, skin test and consultation, followed by a colour service if you require. During a colour service I will provide everything and all you would need is to grab a drink and relax! 

Why do I need to have a skin test done before my colour service?

Before having any colour service it is important to have a skin test done 48 hours before to ensure your health and safety. Without a skin test I will not be able to carry out any colour services! The skin test service is a 5 minute appointment which involves a small amount of tint and peroxide mixed together and put behind your ear to see whether you are allergic or not. The skin test should be kept behind the ear for at least 48 hours without washing it off, this will allow the skin test to prove you will be fine during the colour service. 

How long is each service?

Each service depends on many different things and I can only roughly estimate on how long the services are. 

All colours are usually a couple of hours from start to finish with either a blow-dry finish or a cut & blow-dry finish. Each colour service timings are different from root regrowth at 30 minutes to full head foils 1 hour and 15 minutes. The timings vary on hair length, thickness and texture. 

Hair cutting services are usually an hour with a blow-dry finish. 

Consultations and skin test usually take about 10 minutes.

Special occasions including prom, weddings and any other event could take up to an hour or more.

Does my hair need to be washed beforehand?

I would say not to wash your hair beforehand as I would like to have a comprehensive consultation with you to discuss what style you would like, if you fancy a change. Also to see if your hair has any growth patterns or damage to the ends, with the hair dry it is much easier to identify. Having the hair dry will allow me and the client to see to discuss colours as when the hair is wet, it appears a lot darker than normal. When having a colour service it is best to have clean dry hair ready for when I arrive for a consultation, ideally not freshly washed.

How far do you travel?

The areas I cover is a 10 mile radius from my home address, the postcode is PO7 3AU. 

How many hours do you work?

I work between the hours of 8am-10pm depending on the demand, from Monday to Saturday. I do intend to have Sundays off however depending on circumstances can work on request.

What brand of colour do you use?

The colour brand I use is Wella Professionals, I have only used Wella colourant throughout my career of being a hairdresser. I trust Wella colourant with every colour service I do to achieve the best for my clients colours. Each colour tint gives a very strong vibrant colour with shine every time, even a 100% grey coverage. 

How do I pay?

Regarding payment after your service either Cash, Card or Bank Transfer is perfect, you will get a payment and a service receipt through email.

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