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Leading up to the big day it is important to have everything you hoped for come to life. This is why I believe a trial is vital to have as we are able to play around with different styles to get the perfect one.


Here is a Step by Step for how your Big Day may go, I have put this into place so you have an idea on what to expect, but also to tell other parties i.e make up artist and photographers when to arrive.

Step 1 - Start to prep the Bridesmaids and Bride, for example hair in pin curls/rollers.

Step 2 - Carry out any hair up services on Mother of the Bride/Groom

Step 3 - Start hair up on half of the Bridesmaids (depending on how many there are)

Step 4 - Flower Girl(s) hair to be done.

Step 5 - The Bride

Step 6 - Finish off the remaining Bridesmaids

Step 7 - Finishing touches on the first part of the Bridal party if needed.

Step 8 - Give the Bride a bottle of prosecco to celebrate!

On your Big Day! You will receive a FREE bottle of Prosecco!

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